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Mechanical repair services in Lancaster

Has the performance of your car decreased? Experiencing engine trouble?


If so, your car may require mechanical repairs or servicing to bring it back to top running condition.

Trust the experts at Lune Valley Motors for top quality mechanical services at competitive prices.

Our mechanical services cover

•  Clutch repair

•  Transmission repairs

•  Fault code scanning and reset

•  Cambelts

•  Head gaskets

•  Air bags

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Alongside our mechanical repairs, Lune Valley Motors also provides campervan restoration services to help refurbish and restore your campervan to its original condition. Get in touch with us for more information.

We serve Lancaster and the South Cumbria area.

All services are performed by our team of fully trained mechanics. We also provide references upon request.


•  ABS fault reading and reset

•  Belt timing

•  Fuel injection testing

•  Diagnostics and tuning

•  Road testing

•  Lights

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Mechanical repair services in Lancaster